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What is coaching?

A. It's time spent focusing on what's on your mind and what you need. As a certified coach it's my job to create a trusting place where you can share and feel heard. Together we'll capitalize on your strengths and work to achieve your goals and intentions.  Two heads are often better than one, so as collaborative partners in the coaching process we:

  • Get to the heart of "who" you are as a person so that the "what" you seek is clear. (We all know how difficult it is to achieve goals that don't fit!)
  • Focus on your vision, not someone else's. 
  • Create viable strategies/intentions for achieving success based on who you are, your values, and what you want.
  • Support you in taking actions set within the strategy/intention framework that we create together. 
  • Remove the fears, limiting beliefs, and anything else that is getting in your way.
  • Celebrate your wins so your motivation and energy level stays up.
  • Get to the source of what's happening so that we are not band-aiding symptoms but instead creating long-lasting change.

What makes coaching so effective?

A. Forward movement and having someone in your corner that not only motivates, but holds you accountable for that forward movement. It's about getting to know you, your values and what makes you tick so that forward movement is long-lasting and not temporary.

How does coaching work?

A. To ensure that your experience is a comfortable and successful one, I provide coaching using various venues so you can choose what works best for YOU.

  • Telephone
  • In-person
  • Skype
  • One-on-One (Individual and Mentor Coaching)
  • Group/Team

What are the differences between One-on-One and Group/Team Coaching?

A. One-on-One coaching is just the two of us, meeting for 45 minutes, 3 x per month. Services also includes “laser coaching” (15 minute calls) and e-mail between sessions.

If you are preparing to be certified as a coach by the International Coach Federation, mentor coaching topics will include preparation for certification, review of coaching skills and core competencies.

Group and Team Coaching is for groups of 3 or more meeting for 90 minutes, 2 x per month. Services also include “laser coaching” (15 minute calls) and e-mail between sessions.

Additional coaching sessions are always available as needed.

What if I’m not sure I want to do this?

A. To explore the best option and to get any questions you may have answered, please don't hesitate to contact me for a complimentary 30-minute introductory call.

How long does it take to experience results?

A. Results are based on how much time and energy you choose to put into achieving your own desired results. As your coach, I'm committed to helping you remove the blocks and stay motivated.

What do you look for in a client?

A. Someone who is open-minded, open-hearted, honest, and willing to do the work necessary to accomplish their goals and desires.

As a client what should I look for in a coach?

A. Since coaching is a collaborative partnership it is important to find a coach that you feel you can trust, and one to whom you feel connected. Consider their training and background. Do they have the experience and/or qualifications you are looking for? Take some time to chat with a few coaches to ensure that you feel comfortable sharing and engaging.