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As you may have read, I am passionate about continuous learning and growth. I can and do get lost for hours in a book store, and often have several books on the go at one time. Finding new inspiring, thought-provoking books and videos is a staple of my daily routine.

But what's the use of a good book or content piece without someone to share it with and discuss it with? So, see my favourite current and past resources that taught me something new, inspired me, or just simply put a smile on my face.

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Ann's Suggested Viewing for the Curious Viewer:

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Ann's Suggested Reading for the Inspired Bookworm:

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The path to mastery in coaching is a balanced act between polishing our skills and deepening our own self-awareness. Everyday, our challenge is to find the equilibrium between form and flow. Bottom line, coaching is a human-to-human experience and it is when we embrace this ongoing exercise of BECOMING that we can find our authentic place in the coaching process.

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